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Akira (あきら) is the sensei of a karate dojo, a waiter at The Happy Sumo sushi restaurant, a waiter at the Swanky Fish sushi restaurant, and an employee at Costington's department store.

Akira has a mixed relationship with Homer. Akira helped Homer, Bart, and Lisa Simpson to discover the origin of the mysterious Mr. Sparkle dishwashing detergent box (Homer was mystified by Mr. Sparkle's striking resemblance to him). However, he nearly killed Homer (albeit not intentionally) when he served him the fugu blowfish, which can only be properly prepared by the Master Sushi Chef (The Simpsons) (who was busy making out in his car with Mrs. Krabappel when Homer ordered the fugu). Also, Akira, Luigi, Captain McCallister, and other restaurant proprietors of Springfield attempted to assassinate Homer for giving their restaurants bad reviews.

On yet another occasion, Akira demonstrated a vibrating recliner for Homer in the furniture department at Costington's at Homer's insistence, with the chair set to full power. Homer loved the chair, but Marge talked him out of buying it.

Akira trained Marge in Jiu-Jitsu for an MMA fight working with her in his own karate studio. Bart also signed up for one of Akira's karate classes, but skipped the sessions to go play video games.

Akira had to take a citizenship test when a proposition called for all illegal immigrants in Springfield to be deported.

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