Amiko Kobayashi (Earth-616)

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Amiko Kobayashi

When Amiko Kobayashi's mother was killed during a giant dragon's rampage through Tokyo, her mother made Wolverine promise to take care of her daughter with her dying breath. Since the dragon had arrived in Tokyo from the fabricated planet Battleworld and had somehow grown to its monstrous size, Wolverine felt partly responsible and accepted his burden of honor.

As a full-time X-Man, Wolverine was unable to care for Amiko personally, but he did foster her with his fiancée Mariko Yashida. Amiko lived with Mariko for a few years, enjoying the plush life that the head of Clan Yashida was able to provide. She saw Logan on rare occasions.

Amiko also got to meet Kitty Pryde. Shadowcat was brainwashed by Ogun when she came to Japan. After Kitty broke her conditioning, she hid Amiko and Mariko from Ogun, who had come to kill them. Yukio was then able to get Amiko and her mother to a safe house. Following Ogun's defeat, Amiko went for ice cream with Kitty, Logan and Mariko.

It's been revealed that she is the last descendent of the Shosei Clan, Mystical Guardians of Japan.


Amiko first appeared in Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 181 (May 1984).

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