Battling Seizure Robots (The Simpsons)

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Battling Seizure Robot

Battling Seizure Robots (戦闘ロボットシージャー Sentou Robotto Shījā) is a Japanese TV show which the Simpsons see while they're vacationing in Japan.

Bart notices the show on TV and says, "Isn't this cartoon that causes seizures?" Immediately afterwards, he is having a seizure. Soon, everyone but Homer is having a seizure. Homer doesn't know what's up with everyone rolling on the floor and babbling incoherently, but he figures he'll go along with it, so he starts rolling and babbling on purpose. When a commercial comes on, everyone's seizures stop. When the show resumes, so do the seizures, this time also genuinely affecting Homer.

The show seems to be about giant robots battling each other. The flashes from their weapons cause the seizures.


Battling Seizure Robots is a reference to an early Pokémon episode, "Denno Shenshi Porygon (Electric Soldier Porygon)." During its original airing in December 16, 1997, the episode caused 685 children in Japan to have seizures. On a related note, the Battling Seizure Robots scene may have been part of the reason why "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" was banned in Japan. (the official reason which was made in public i Homer assaulting Emperor Akihito by throwing him into a bin of worn mawashi. The Japanese game show sequence nearing the end, and the scene featuring the Hello Kitty factory due to scene's implication that they created their products by burning cats alive may have been other reason too.

The Battle Seizure Robot makes an appearance in the Nintendo DS version of Big Super Happy Fun Fun Game. It is summoned by Homer to finish off a Sparklemon.