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The Original Baymax

Baymax is a robotic synthformer created by the young genius Hiro Takachiho (Earth-616) when Hiro lost his father Tomeo Takachiho. Baymax was seemingly built to be just a bodyguard but soon helped fill the void left by his father's death, certainly helped by the fact that Hiro installed many of his father's memories and emotions into Baymax's core programming.

When Hiro was drafted into the Japanese hero group, Big Hero 6, Baymax came along for the ride. Hiro reluctantly joined to prevent Everwraith from slaughtering millions in downtown Tokyo. During the battle, Big Hero 6 was joined by Sunfire, Japan's premiere super hero and a mutant with the ability to super-heat matter into plasma, who was instrumental in the Everwraith (Earth-616)'s defeat.

Title Year/Month
Sunfire and Big Hero Six #1 1998, September
Sunfire and Big Hero Six #2 1998, October
Sunfire and Big Hero Six #3 1998, November
Alpha Flight Vol 2 #17 1998, December
Alpha Flight Vol 3 #9 2005, January
Alpha Flight Vol 3 #12 2005, April
Civil War Battle Damage Report #1 2007, May
Big Hero 6 #1 2008, November
Big Hero 6 #2 2008, December
Big Hero 6 #3 2009, January
Big Hero 6 #4 2009, February
Big Hero 6 #5 2009, March
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #14 2010, June
Amazing Spider-Man #685 2012, July
Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth #1 2012, July

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