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Happy Days is an American television sitcom that aired first-run from January 15, 1974, to September 24, 1984, on ABC-TV, with a total of 255 half-hour episodes spanning over eleven seasons. It presented an idealized vision of life in the mid-1950s to mid-1960s Midwestern United States.

Mitsumo "Arnold" Takahashi (Pat Morita) (seasons 3 10-11: 26 episodes) depicted the owner of Arnold's Drive-In for season three (1975–76). He stated that he obtained the moniker when he purchased Arnold's restaurant and people thought it was named after him, explaining that it was too costly to buy enough letter signs needed to rename it "Takahashi". He moonlighted as a martial arts instructor, teaching self-defense classes at the drive-in after hours. Morita also played "Arnold" as a guest star in 1977 and 1979 before returning as a recurring character after Al Molinaro departed in 1982.

Date Episode Title Notes
1983.09.27 S11.E01 Because It's There (Happy Days)
1983.02.08 S10.E17 I'm Not at Liberty (Happy Days)
1983.01.25 S10.E15 Life Is More Important Than Show Business (Happy Days)
1982.12.14 S10.E10 All I Want for Christmas (Happy Days)
1982.12.07 S10.E09 There's No Business Like No Business (Happy Days)
1982.11.30 S10.E08 Such a Nice Girl (Happy Days)
1982.11.16 S10.E06 Who Gives a Hootenanny (Happy Days)
1982.11.09 S10.E05 A Little Case of Revenge (Happy Days)
1982.10.19 S10.E03 Empty Nest (Happy Days)
1979.02.27 S06.E23 Fonzie's Funeral: Part 2 (Happy Days)
1977.02.15 S04.E19 The Graduation: Part 2 (Happy Days)
1976.03.02 S03.E24 Arnold's Wedding (Happy Days)
1976.02.24 S03.E23 A Sight for Sore Eyes (Happy Days)
1976.02.17 S03.E22 Bringing Up Spike (Happy Days)
1976.02.10 S03.E21 Beauty Contest (Happy Days)
1976.02.03 S03.E20 Two Angry Men (Happy Days)
1976.01.27 S03.E19 Fonzie the Superstar (Happy Days)
1976.01.20 S03.E18 Football Frolics (Happy Days)
1976.01.12 S03.E16 The Second Anniversary Show (Happy Days)
1976.01.06 S03.E15 Dance Contest (Happy Days)
1975.11.25 S03.E12 Fonzie's New Friend (Happy Days)
1975.10.28 S03.E08 Howard's 45th Fiasco (Happy Days)
1975.10.21 S03.E07 Jailhouse Rock (Happy Days)
1975.10.14 S03.E06 Richie Fights Back (Happy Days)
1975.09.30 S03.E04 Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 2 (Happy Days)
1975.09.23 S03.E03 Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 1 (Happy Days)