Golden Half Desu (Album)

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Golden Half Desu (Album)

Golden Half Desu (ゴールデンハーフでーす) is the first album by Golden Half. It was released on LP on May 5, 1971 and released on CD on April 20, 2005.

  • Length: 35:09
  • Label: Toshiba EMI
  • English Translation: We Are Golden Half
  • Catalog Number: TP-8077 (LP), TOCT-16026 (CD)

Album Information

The CD release includes all songs featured on the LP release, along with an additional 5 songs. Catalog Number: TP-8077 (LP), TOCT-16026 (CD)


Side A

  • Kiiroi Sakuranbo (黄色いサクランボ; Yellow Cherries)
  • Banana Boat (バナナ・ボート)
  • Vacation (バケーション)
  • Lemon no Kiss (レモンのキッス; Lemon Kisses)
  • Baby Face (ベイビー・フェイス)
  • Kawaii Baby (可愛いベイビー; Cute Baby)
  • Guy is a Guy (ガイ・イズ・ア・ガイ)

Side B

  • Que Sera Sera (ケ・セラ・セラ; Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
  • Tsukikage no Napoli (月影のナポリ; Napoli in The Moonlight) 
  • Color ni Kuchibeni (カラーに口紅; Colored Lipstick)
  • Kanashimi 16sai (悲しき16才; The Sad 16 Year Old)
  • Bikini Style no Ojou-san (ビキニ・スタイルのお嬢さん; The Bikini Style Young Lady)
  • Koi no Katamichikippu (恋の片道切符; The One-Way Ticket of Love)

CD Only

  • Koibito ga Hoshii no (恋人がほしいの; I Want A Lover)
  • Onna no Jakuten Oshiemasu (おんなの弱点教えます; I'll Teach You A Woman's Weak Spot)
  • Mambo Bacan (マンボ・バカン) 
  • Chotto Matte Kudasai (チョット・マッテ・クダサイ; Please Wait a Moment)
  • Button to Ribbon (ボタンとリボン; Buttons and Bows)