Heike Kagero (Punch Out!)

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Heike Kagero (平家陽炎 / へいけ かげろう) made his only appearance in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!! as the second boxer in the World Circuit. He is a Japanese kabuki as well as a standard bishōnen and the spiritual successor of Great Tiger.

As Heike is of Japanese origin, in the Japanese release of Super Punch-Out!! his name is written in Japanese characters; being 平家陽炎 (or as written in Kana; へいけ かげろう). Heike, alongside Hoy Quarlow, are the only opponents in the Japanese version of the game to not feature their names written using characters from the Latin alphabet.

In Japanese, the surname appears before the given name, meaning that "Heike" (meaning "House of Taira", possibly in reference to the Taira clan) is actually his surname/family name and "Kagero" (meaning "Heat Haze" in Japanese) is his given name.

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