Helen Takahama (Earth-616)

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Helen Takahama is Jolt

Robert and Jane Takahama moved with their daughter to New York City from Ojai, California, for a chance at a better life. Because of her father's work at the United Nations and her mother's psychiatric practice, Hallie grew up in relative luxury and comfort. That all changed on her 15th birthday, when the menace known as Onslaught killed her parents, razed her home and destroyed her neighborhood during his attempt to take over the world. In the aftermath, the mad geneticist and supervillain Arnim Zola abducted Hallie, along with a number of other children. She was subjected to experiments that made her feel as if she were being torn apart from the inside. The procedures made her faster and stronger, filling her to bursting with energy. At the first opportunity, Hallie used her new powers to escape.

First Appearance: Thunderbolts #1 (April, 1997)