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Marvel Comics in the 1940s

Primary Leaders

Costumed and Super-Powered Operatives

Military Officials


  • Black Dragon Society (1941) 1 comic - Through an American agent sought the legal purchase of oil fields in Texas in order to smuggle refined oil out of the United States for use by the Japanese army. They were thwarted by the Human Torch and Toro.
  • Shaggy Men (1942) 1 comic - Lizards that were hyper-evolved by a Japanese scientist and unleashed on Australia. They were restored back to their original forms by the Patriot.
  • Laughing Death Patrol (1942) 1 comic - A group of Japanese fighter pilots who used a specially made gas to blanket American fighters that cause the victims' skin to turn green and die laughing. They were wiped out by Jap Buster Johnson.
  • Birdmen of Pa-Pi-Ru-Gua (1943) 1 comic - A tribe of natives from the island of Pa-Pi-Ru-Gua new New Guinea. Rode massive birds. Convinced by the Japanese to build a base on their island. Were wiped out when Captain America and Bucky caused the dormant volcano the base was built on to erupt.
  • Symbol of Doom (1943) 1 comic - A group of identical Japanese suicide bombers who blew up American targets to try and intimidate Americans in losing faith in the war effort. Their scheme was foiled by Captain America and Bucky.
  • Seven Sons of Satan (1944) 1 comic - Seven identical brothers whose Satan worshiping father told his children to fight for the Japanese on his death bed. Attempted to use phony Black Magic to confused American troops in India. Some of the brothers were all slain battling Captain America and Bucky, the surviving members captured.
  • Death Riders (1944) 1 comic - A pack of motorcycle riding saboteurs who attempted to destroy the Crawford Bomber Plant. They were apprehended by Captain America and Bucky.
  • * Yellow Claw (Japanese) (1944) 1 comic and his Mole Men - Attempted to destroy American munitions factories by digging tunnels under them. Were destroyed by Captain America and Bucky.
  • The Suicide Battalion (1945) 1 comic - Were children trained to be suicide bombers by Prince Shinto and used to attack American forces on a recently captured island. They were all killed battling the Young Allies.
  • The Walking Dead (1945) 1 comic - Japanese spies who posed as zombies in order to search a graveyard where the body of a scientist was hidden with a formula to a deadly biological weapon. They were stopped by Captain America and Bucky.

Spies and Saboteurs

Scientists and Inventors

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