You Don't Know Jack: The Jack Soo Story (Documentary)

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The Jack Soo Story

The film tells Jack Soo's story through a montage of film and television clips, rare footage, interviews with family members, friends, co-workers, and others who knew him best. From his early appearances on programs such as The Jack Benny Show and Valentines' Day, Soo's life is examined both in the historical context of the times, and the grandeur of an earlier Hollywood where stars like Soo succeeded in a multitude of artistic mediums, reminiscent of vaudevillian times. From Soo's early training as an announcer and stand-up comic, to his singing, acting and dancing career on Broadway, culminating with his signature role as Detective Nick Yemana, Soo's unique talent and dedication to his craft are fully explored and captured through a dazzling kaleidoscope of images, music, montages, interviews and stories.

Featured interview subjects include Nancy Kwan who was Soo's co-star in the film version of Broadway Flower Drum Song; Soo's co-stars on Barney Miller, Max Gail and Steve Landesberg; Hal Kanter, the creator and producer of Valentine's Day and George Takei, Soo's friend and co-star in The Green Berets. The film will also dig deep into Soo's past, including interviews with Soo's daughter and close friends, former Topaz internees, former Motown executive Al Abrams, and others who knew Soo at key points in his life and career.

Written, Directed and Produced by Jeff Adachi in (2009).