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Tatsu Yamashiro, alias Katana was an average Japanese girl, save for her proficiency in the martial arts. Two brothers, Maseo Yamashiro and Takeo Yamashiro, both proclaimed their love for her. While she liked both, she chose Maseo. This angered Takeo, who refused to attend the couple's wedding. By this time, he had joined the Yakuza and as a result, his family disowned him.

After the deaths of Tatsu's parents, she and Maseo started a family of their own, and she gave birth to twins, Yuki and Reiko. Meanwhile, Takeo rose in rank of the Yakuza, and one of his exotic tastes included ancient weapons. He was presented with a pair of matched swords by General Karnz, one of which Takeo favored due to its mystical properties, which would come to be known as the Soultaker Sword.

One night, Takeo took both swords to the Yamashiro residence to slay his brother with the sword. He quickly struck Maseo down, but Katana took Soultaker from him. In the course of the fight, Takeo accidentally started a fire, and Tatsu's family died.

With Soultaker in her possession, Tatsu began training as a samurai under a master called Tadashi. After much time she graduated from his tutorship and left for America where she intended to use her talents to fight for justice. She took the codename Katana after the sword that she wielded.

Batman eventually recruited her to become a member of his black-ops team the Outsiders during a mission in Markovia. She has also been a member of the Birds of Prey. Katana was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo.

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold Vol 1 200 (July, 1983)