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Japanese Americans who where interned in the US Concentration Camps during World War II.

We need to add write up for the following people:

  • S. Neil Fujita was an American graphic designer.
  • Jim Ishida is a Japanese-American character actor.
  • Willie Ito is an American animator.
  • Duke Keomuka, was an American professional wrestler.
  • Taky Kimura, a Japanese American martial artist and best man at Bruce Lee's wedding.
  • Michi Kobi, an American actress.
  • Tetsu Komai, a Japanese-American actor.
  • Toraichi Kono was the valet and secretary of Charlie Chaplin.
  • Rollin Moriyama was a Japanese character actor.
  • Shig Murao was a Japanese-American bookseller.
  • Tura Satana was a Japanese American actress, vedette, and exotic dancer.
  • Teru Shimada was a Japanese-American actor.
  • Larry Shinoda was a noted American automotive designer who was best known for his work on the Chevrolet Corvette and Ford Mustang.
  • Wendy Yoshimura is an American still life watercolor painter. She is known for her involvement with the leftist terrorist group, Symbionese Liberation Army.
  • Pat Suzuki is an American popular singer and actress.
  • Taka Sisters were a traveling vaudeville trio of Japanese-American singers and dancers.
  • Conrad Yama was an American theatre, film, and television actor.
  • V. Vale is an American editor, writer, interviewer, musician.
  • Miiko Taka is an American actress best known for co-starring with Marlon Brando as Hana-ogi in the 1957 movie Sayonara.