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Number of hāfu (on this site) who are:

About Us

We cover a lot of strange things that other people don't. Our three primary interests are people who are half Japanese (Hāfu), badass Japanese living outside of Japan (Nikkei), and Japanese Comic Book Characters in the West.

Beyond that, we do like talking about Godzilla and Japanese Tokusatsu films, Japanese Pinky Violence films of the 70s, and Hāfu Pop Music of the 70s and 80s in Japan.

Check out our Japanifornia Shop for Japanese-inspired t-shirts, stickers and other stuff from all of these various collections. Have fun!

Coming in the Future

  • We are also all very curious about the Oriental riff. We should investigate.
  • The Japanese 70s film genre Pinky Violence is either problematic, cathartic or cool.
  • We should do a big section on Usagi Yojimbo: 165 issues. Published by Dark Horse Comics. Started in 1996.
  • Denny Tamaki is the Governor of Okinawa and the first American-Asian to take a seat in the Japanese House of Representatives.
  • Kenji Tsukagoshi was a navigator in the early 20th Century who along with pilot Masaaki Iinuma set a number of flight distance records prior to WWII.