Tokyo Pop (Movie)

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Tokyo Pop (東京ポップ, Tōkyō Poppu) is a 1988 music-centric film that tells the story of a girl from the United States, a boy from Japan, and a briefly successful pop band. The film contrasts American customs with Tokyo lifestyles, as it presents an evolving love story between the two main characters.

Directed by Fran Rubel Kuzui, the film stars Carrie Hamilton as Wendy Reed and Yutaka Tadokoro (also known as Diamond Yukai) as Hiro Yamaguchi. In real life, Tadokoro was the frontman of the 1980s rock group Red Warriors, who also star in the film as themselves. Other notable actors include Gina Belafonte and Tetsuro Tamba. Popular Japanese metal band X Japan also make a brief cameo appearance, though they were not credited.