Ah Knee (Earth-616)

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Ah Knee

During World War II, Ah Knee was a spy for Imperial Japan. By the summer of 1942, he had successfully posed as a Chinese citizen working as a guide and translator for American soldiers in the area. He was assigned to help American soldier Bill Prince, also known as the Fighting Yank, lead a convoy of supplies through a mountainous region. Ah Knee reported the convoy's route to his superiors and was present when they attacked. The Fighting Yank and his Chinese allies managed to fight off the attackers, but during the confrontation, Ah Knee attempted to sabotage Prince's truck and was caught in the act. Before the American could react, Ah Knee was struck on the head with a wrench and thrown off a cliff. Fortunately, the Fighting Yank survived the fall due to a strong tree branch breaking his fall. He then defeated the Japanese attackers. Before he could deal with Ah Knee, the spy committed suicide upon failing in his mission.


  • Captain America Comics Vol 1 17 (Aug 1942)