Ame Okumura (New Earth)

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Ame Okumura)

Ame Okumura was the quiet, professional saiko-komon of Clan Ishiguro by day, and a wild, punk street racer by night. By unfortunate happenstance, she became the temporary host for the demon Etrigan, who flung her life into chaos

Ame was born in Japan to a prostitute. Her mother had an admirer, Shoko Ishiguro, who was a member of the Tokyo Yakuza. When her mother died, Ishiguro took it upon himself to watch over the daughter of the woman he loved. He bought her a teddy bear as a gift who she named Kodomo-No Uta. A young boy, Spirit Taniguchi, gave her an unusual gift of his own. Her mother had called her "Hummingbird Heart" because of the way she would always run around, so Spirit killed two dozen hummingbirds to collect their skulls. He suggested she sew them inside her teddy so it would have little hummingbirds inside it, just like her.

Entering her early teens, Ame grew rebellious. She began dating the unstable Spirit who introduced her to punk, street racing, and fed her drugs. Ame's reckless antics eventually brought shame upon Ishiguro. He was obliged to apologise by offering his finger and costing him any advancement in Tokyo. He was permitted to leave Japan to operate autonomously in Los Angeles.


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