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Chris Yukine (雪音 クリス, Yukine Kurisu) is one of the six main characters of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series. She is a Symphogear user who wields the Ichaival relic.

A mysterious half-Japanese girl who works under the main villain, Finé. Chris was the only daughter born to a famous musician couple, Masanori Yukine and Sonnet M. Yukine, a violinist and a vocalist respectively.

Chris wields the stolen Nehushtan Armor (ネフシュタンの鎧, Nefushutan no Yoroi), and has the ability to summon and command Noise at will through the use of a relic called "Solomon's Cane"; she also possesses a Symphogear, the second relic Ichaival[3] (イチイバル[4], Ichiibaru), but refuses to use it because of her hatred of singing. Chris works with Finé in order to fulfill her wish of stopping wars by killing all those with the power and will to fight. This is because, eight years prior, Chris' parents Masanori Yukine (雪音 雅律, Yukine Masanori) and Sonnet M. Yukine (ソネット・M・ユキネ, Sonetto Emu Yukine) took Chris with them to South America to use music performances to help the refugees of a civil war. However, Masanori and Sonnet were killed in a terrorist bombing, and Chris herself was kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Two years before the series, she was rescued by the UN and returned to Japan; Genjūrō was arranged to be her legal guardian, but Chris was instead kidnapped by Finé to be used as a tool for her plans. However, Finé ends up abandoning Chris when Chris does not live up to her expectations. Chris then sides with Hibiki and Tsubasa against Finé. Chris "dies" while trying to protect the moon from Finé's Kadingir, fulfilling her parents' dream of bringing peace to the world with her song, but Chris is later revived by the song of the Lydian students. Chris is thought to be dead once again after destroying a large section of the moon to save Earth, along with Tsubasa and Hibiki, but she manages to survive. Afterwards, Chris officially joins Special Disaster Response Team Section Two. Her Armed Gear is a crossbow, but due to Chris' violent imagination, it can change into several types of guns and missiles.