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Creeper is an oni.

History of character has not yet been written. Jack Ryder is a reporter and the human host of the demon.

  • Unique Physiology: The Creeper is an oni, a Japanese demon. As a demon, his birth is unknown but his purpose is clear, he must cause chaos and destruction to any and all he meets.
  • Flight: The Creeper is naturally a ghostly spirit who can soar through the night sky.
  • Mind Control: The Creeper can whisper suggestions into a weak human's mind and force them to commit terrible actions.
  • Possession: The Creeper can possess weak souls to enhance their strengths and feed off of them. He often chooses weak souls to inhabit so he can easily stay rooted to their souls and torment them.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Creeper is very strong, throwing fully grown humans around like they were twigs. He was able to swing chains around strong enough to whip up a tornado powerful enough to lift and throw multiple cars.
  • Vulnerability to Sunlight: The Creeper comes out at night to torment but must retreat into his host body during the day or he will burn.

First Appearance: Katana #3 (June, 2013); The Phantom Stranger Vol 4 #7 (June, 2013)