Eiji Hasegawa (New Earth)

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After WWII Japan was in shambles and Eiji Hasegawa, who was a soldier in the war, returned home humiliated and cut-off from family. For the first year The Marshall Plan forced many into poverty. With the local police dissolved, criminals and black marketeers established themselves and allied with American occupiers. Seeing all this convinced Eiji that he must again fight for his country. Eiji joined with an organization that had pledged to fight for the poor. At this same time Eliot Shaw, who had fought in the final year of the war, was transferred to Japan as legal advisor to Colonel Kades, Assistant Chief of the Government Section of the Occupational Forces. While driving around he responds to a woman's scream discovering that she was being beaten by several Chinese men including a Mr. Chin. Shaw had them arrested and continually checked on the beaten woman convincing her to testify. Despite Kades protests, Shaw prosecuted Chin and won. Chin was sent to prison where he died. Shaw was sent home for his actions but before he could leave, he was met by Eiji Hasagawa. The woman he protected was Eiji's wife who was pregnant. Eiji pledged to one day repay his debt to Eliot. Eiji later became Oyabun of Dai-Ichi Doku (New Earth), a branch of the Yakuza. When Eliot Shaw's step-son, Mark Shaw got into legal trouble due to the machinations of Dumas I, Eiji helped Mark get out of the country in fulfillment of his earlier vow.

Eiji was later killed by the second Dumas as part of his forceful take-over of the Dai-Ichi Doku and his death was avenged by Mark Shaw.

  • First Appearance: Manhunter #3 (September, 1988)
  • Appearance of Death: Manhunter #18 (October, 1989)