Eli Ayase

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Eli Ayase is one of the nine main characters in Love Live!. She is a third year in Otonokizaka High School. Her image color is ice-blue. She is the leader of BiBi, a sub-unit under μ's.

Eli is partly Russian from her grandmother. Because of this, she is known to say the Russian word "хорошо" (pronounced as "Harasho"), which means "Good" or "Okay." Eli first says it in Season 1 Episode 10 when Umi Sonoda was awoken by the girls' pillow fight and she threw "supersonic pillows" in her rage.

She has a younger sister named Alisa Ayase. She told Umi that her family has been living abroad since they were little and haven't really adapted to the lifestyle in Japan yet. Her grandmother is also an alumni of Otonokizaka High School, which furthered her urge to defend her school from getting shut down.