Erika Campbell

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Erika Campbell (エリカ·キャンベル, Erika Kyanberu)

Erika is Tomo's other best friend and a Lemon Angel. Due to her origins, she is tall with dark skin and white hair. This alienation encouraged her to join the casting call for Lemon Angel so that she can become part of a group. Erika was the first to befriend Tomo and forcefully helped Saya even though she repeatedly rejected it. She always sticks up for Tomo and Saya and wants everyone to stop fighting and to become friends. She came to live in Japan from Brazil with her adopted brother Takumi, who later became a famous rock star of the band Third Sence. She was constantly picked on by her peers (except for her friends) for being a foreigner and not knowing anything about Japanese culture even though she sometimes dresses up as a ninja. She was manipulated in episode 4 by Haruka and the other unnamed characters to meet Takumi when it turned out he was unavailable to meet them. Erika is half Brazilian from her father's side while her mother is Japanese. She is also a great cook.