Eriri Spencer Sawamura

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Eriri Spencer Sawamura (澤村・スペンサー・英梨々, Sawamura Supensā Eriri)

Voiced by: Saori Ōnishi

Tomoya's childhood best friend is a student in class 2G and the most promising painter on the art club. Born to a British father and a Japanese mother, she has blond hair styled in twin tails. She is very popular at school, acting as a refined lady, but harbors a secret otaku lifestyle of playing video games shared with Tomoya and making adult-themed manga under the pseudonym Eri Kashiwagi (柏木 エリ, Kashiwagi Eri) in a group called "Egoistic-Lily". Tomoya recruits her to be the illustrator for the Blessing Software game. Tomoya describes her as an astounding beauty but upon peeling off her surface personality, she has a cruel, sadistic, passionate, and animalistic nature. She has had a crush on Tomoya since childhood.