Forever People Vol 1 7

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Forever People Vol 1 7

"I'll Find You in Yesterday"

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The Council of the Young on New Genesis appeals to Highfather to counteract Darkseid's Omega Effect on the Forever People with his Alpha Bullets. Accordingly, Izaya sends the Alpha Bullets out to seek the youths in the eras to which they have been displaced: Mark Moonrider and Beautiful Dreamer in 1865 at Ford's Theater on the night of Lincoln's assassination; Vykin the Black in the time of Ponce De Leon; and Big Bear in Roman Britain. All are reunited with Serifan, who has escaped death at the Justifiers' hands. They are led by the last Alpha Bullet to a monastery in Honshu, where a priest hands over the Mother Box which was entrusted to them in a past era by Sonny Sumo.


  • Forever People
    • Beautiful Dreamer
    • Big Bear
    • Mark Moonrider
    • Serifan
    • Vykin the Black
  • Sonny Sumo in picture only

Cover Month

March 1972