Godzilla Vol 1 16

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Godzilla Vol 1 16

"The Great Godzilla Roundup!" November 1978

Continued from the previous issue.

With Godzilla still on the rampage near Salt Lake City, John Hawk, after having his house trampled on, arranges another group of cowpokes to try and rustle up the creature which he believes has been eating his cattle.

The group end up surrounding the monster, and Hawk and his men try to rustle the giant monster, Hawk even managing to rope and "ride" Godzilla for a while. However, when Godzilla smashes open a canyon to flee, they find the monster leads them to the cattle, which have in actuality been stolen by Lefty Walsh and Bill Ford. When Ford tries to shoot Hawk, Godzilla knocks him off the canyon peak to his death. After the whole ordeal, Hawk and the others leave the monster to find its own way.


  • Lefty Walsh
  • Bill Ford

Other Characters[edit]

  • John Hawk

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