Haruo Tsuburaya (Earth-616)

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Haruo Tsuburaya is Kamikaze

Kamikaze was recruited by Stryfe in Madripoor to join the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF) with Dragoness and Sumo shortly after the team was created. He also had a brother with apparently identical abilities who was recruited as Samurai.

The newly assembled team fought with the New Mutants who had the help of Sunfire. Even with the extra help, the MLF was successful in kidnapping several members of the New Mutants. However, their victory was quelled by the arrival of Wolverine who tracks down and releases their captives. With the help of their android Zero, the MLF was able to escape.

However the New Mutants—now dubbed X-Force by their militant leader Cable—track the MLF down to their hidden base. Kamikaze is one of the few members to engage X-Force while Stryfe sets up a self-detonation countdown. With only a few minutes left, Stryfe has Zero once again teleport the team to safety.

As the events of the X-Cutioner's Song begin to unfold, the MLF finds itself collecting an array of ancient relics. The team split into strike forces to steal the various artifacts relating to Apocalypse. Later on, the New Mutants, X-Factor and the X-Men discovered the latest MLF base in Dust Bowl, Arkansas. During the fray Forearm, one of Kamikaze's teammates, threw the X-Man Archangel into the air, allowing Kamikaze to sneak up on him from behind. But Archangel spread his then-metallic wings and accidentally decapitated Kamikaze, whose head rolled through the battle to Boom-Boom.

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