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Sonia Sato is Judomaster

The second Judomaster. She is originally from Japan. On the New 52 Earth-2 reality, she is a high ranking official in the World Army.

Not much is known about the newest hero to acquire the name of Judomaster. Her father, Yoshio Sato, was the last and best of the traditional assassins employed by the Yakuza of Japan. Her father tried to leave the Yakuza when he discovered Sonia was his daughter. He was eventually killed by the Blood Soldiers (super-powered villains employed by the Yakuza).

Sonia adopted the Judomaster identity to repent for her father’s past deeds and has since been on the run from the Blood Soldiers. She first sought the help of Oracle, who she agreed to help out with a mission for the Birds of Prey. When the Blood Soldiers found her the Justice Society of America stepped in to help. The Blood Soldiers were defeated as Tiger watched on the sidelines. Sonia was placed in the JSA care where she has remained.

First Appearance: Birds of Prey #100 (January, 2007)