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Kazumi is the leader of the ludite society of Japan. In the year 2089, people are addicted to technology and don's spend time directly interacting with others, except in Japan. Kazumi has issues an anti-technological EMP around the country where grass and living in balance are the most important thing to the Japanese people. They welcome anyone attempting to flee the technological grip of the Western world.

One day, Led Dent and Debbie Decay were sent to Japan to disable the EMP. They stumbled into Kazumi who welcomed them and healed their wounds.

Later, Kazumi rushed to Led's rescue when he was being attacked by one of her men. When she attempted to heal him, she was stabbed in the back by Mash. He men soon arrived and quickly rushed her back to base to be cared for.[3]

Debbie tended to Kazumi as she was brought back to the village and was dying. In her final breaths, Kazumi gave Debbie her sword and told her the EMP was actually within her body. She had spent years researching a serum that would allow her to control plants and animals. Rather than use it as a weapon, she injected herself with the serum and realized she could keep technology out of Japan. Since she was dying, she needed to pass the gift onto Debbie as she had proven strong enough to maintain the EMP.

First Appearance: Tokyo Ghost Vol 1 4 002