Miteki Kudo

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Miteki Kudo

Miteki Kudo is a notable figure in the world of ballet, particularly associated with the Paris Opera Ballet. She was promoted to the rank of sujet (a mid-level soloist position) in the Paris Opera Ballet in 1992. This promotion indicates her skill and recognition within one of the world's most prestigious ballet companies.

Kudo comes from a family with a strong dance background. She is the daughter of Daïni Kudo, who was a soloist, and Noëlla Pontois, who was promoted to étoile (the highest rank for a dancer) at the Paris Opera Ballet in 1968. This lineage suggests that Miteki Kudo grew up immersed in the world of ballet and likely benefited from the expertise and experience of her parents.

As a performer, Miteki Kudo has been involved in several notable ballet productions. She is known for her appearances in:

  • "Le lac des cygnes" (Swan Lake) in 1992
  • "La belle au bois dormant" (Sleeping Beauty) in 2000
  • "Orphée et Eurydice de Christoph W. Gluck" in 2008

These roles demonstrate her versatility as a dancer and her ability to perform in both classical and more contemporary ballet productions.

Kudo has been described as an "interprète hors pair" (outstanding performer), which speaks to her talent and the quality of her performances. Her career appears to span several decades, from her promotion in 1992 to performances in the 2000s, indicating a long and successful career in ballet.

While specific details about her personal life or current activities are not provided in the search results, Miteki Kudo's contributions to ballet, particularly within the Paris Opera Ballet, are evident from the information available.