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Oddjob as played by Harold Sakata

Oddjob (often written as "Odd Job") is a fictional character in the espionage novels and films featuring James Bond. He is a henchman to the villain Auric Goldfinger in the 1959 James Bond novel Goldfinger and its 1964 film adaptation, making a cameo appearance in the mid-credits scene of Inspector Gadget (1999). In the film adaptation of Goldfinger, he was played by the Japanese-American actor and professional wrestler Harold Sakata. Oddjob, who also appears in the James Bond animated series and in several video games, is one of the most popular characters in the Bond series.

In the 1982 film Bruce contre-attaque, Sakata appears as a villainous character who reprises Oddjob's deadly hat weapon.

Sakata appeared in several Vicks 44 commercials as Oddjob. The ads show him inadvertently breaking several objects via coughing fits, only to have his rampages halted by taking doses of the featured product.