Ryo Watanabe

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Ryo Watanabe is a hāfu

Ryo Watanabe is a character in Need for Speed: ProStreet, released October 31, 2007. Main character Ryan Cooper is required to dominate all three Showdown race day events within the Super Promotion organization before they can challenge Ryo's Showdown King title at the Showdown King Challenge: Nevada and Showdown King Challenge: Tokyo race days.

Ryo is a member of the Apex Glide racing team, and was crowned the Showdown King by the Super Promotion racing organization.

Ryo is first introduced to the player at the D-Day event hosted by the Battle Machine organization. Ryo openly detests Ryan and directly insults their driving abilities whilst on stage at the D-Day event.

He drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X throughout the career with the same vehicle having a blueprint for each of the four racing modes. Many of his records held by other racing organizations and course locations can be beaten by the player in career mode.