Sumo (New Earth)

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Sumo the Samurai was a Japanese super-villain during World War II.

During the 1940s he fought against Wonder Woman and her colleagues in the All-Star Squadron. He was the best pupil of a martial arts master named "the Enlighted One" and was selected to drink the "Potion of Power", vastly increasing his strength, speed, resistance, and senses.

Sumo's first encounter with American mystery men was in 1942, when he was hand-picked by Prince Daka to help him steal Starman's Gravity Rod. However, when Daka attempted to kill their hostage Liberty Belle instead of returning her as agreed, Sumo was appalled by his master's lack of honor and returned the Rod to the All-Star Squadron. Though Sumo remained an enemy of the Squadron, he proved himself worthy of their respect.[1]

  • First Appearance: All-New Collectors' Edition #C-54 (January, 1978)
  • Appearance of Death: Wonder Woman #241 (March, 1978)


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