Wink (The Simpsons)

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Wink is a Japanese game show host in the episode Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo, who has a game show called "Super Happy Smile Time Family Wish Show," which the Simpsons compete on to get tickets back to Springfield. Wink is Japanese and is a cruel person in many ways such as having the Simpsons family whack Homer (dressed appropriately as a Pig Pinata) as a Pinata, and only allows him to be cut down if Homer answers correctly one question about Japan (Which Homer ended up guessing "Japan" as being the answer without even hearing the question and actually getting it correct), after which he tells Homer that he told the man off stage that he is going to place him in the lightning round (although his reaction indicated that he was actually cursing him off in Japanese), which consisted of placing Homer at the top of a radio station tower as a makeshift lightning rod to be shocked by electricity and to get the tickets from a burning liquid volcano but when Lisa gets it from the rope Wink thinks outside the box too far because he wants the viewers to see entertainment so he presses a button that rips the pathline on top of the liquid volcano causing Lisa to almost fall. After Homer teaches Wink and the Japanese a lesson about game shows Wink tells the Japanese people that there is a "Canadian couple" that says they are very afraid of scorpions and Wink puts them in a box with scorpions dropping down while Wink laughs.

Wink is voiced by George Takei.