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There are not a lot of appearances of Japanese and references to Japan on Sesame Street, so of which are problematic, but there are come cool things there as well.

In the early 1970s, a series of Sesame Street sketches aired, telling stories from ancient Japan. Relying on traditional Japanese music, punctuated by a ringing gong, the tales were told by a stoic, seated storyteller. Recurring characters within these stories included The Emperor of Japan, The Young Son (Sesame Street) and The Evil Prime Minister.


  • In 1997, when the wormship Wiggleprise landed on the Moon. Squashimi, a worm from Japan, was one of the first worms to wiggle on the Moon.
  • In episode 317, Fozzie assisted a group of Samurai Mutations for the musical number, "Yokahama"
  • Scene from the 1978 Sesame Street Calendar.
  • Japanese Baby Piggy in "Fun Park Fantasies."
  • In 1990, Janice wore a kimono in front of the Japan pavilion at Epcot Center as seen in "The Muppets at Walt Disney World".
  • Toei Animation Co. produced the actual animation for the first three seasons of Muppet Babies.
  • Piko-Taro Stops By Sesame Street