Taiyou no Kanata (Single)

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Taiyou no Kanata (Single)

Taiyou no Kanata is the sixth single by Golden Half. It was released on LP on May 25, 1972 and released on CD on September 5, 2012.

Single Information[edit]

  • Catalog Number: TP-2676 (LP), MEGTO-10158 (CD)
  • Lyrics: Takao Kanbe (Track 1), Lee Hazlewood (Track 1), Nakanishi Rei (Track 2)
  • Composition: Lee Hazlewood (Track 1), Kiessling (Track 2)
  • Arrangement: Kawaguchi Makoto


  • Taiyou no Kanata (太陽の彼方; Beyond The Sun) (The Astronauts Cover)
  • Come Come Hawaii (カム・カム・ハワイ)

Featured Members[edit]

  • Eva
  • Maria
  • Luna
  • Yumi