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Takara lives in the Luddite society of Japan. In the year 2089, people are addicted to technology and don't spend time directly interacting with others, except in Japan.

One day, Led Dent and Debbie Decay were sent to Japan to disable the EMP. They stumbled into Kazumi who welcomed them and healed their wounds. Takara soon appeared and played with their new guests.

Later, a scuffle occured when one of the villagers attempted to attack Led and Debbie as he had a past with them. His mother, Kazumi, was stabbed in the process. Kazumi was brought back to the village and in her final breaths, Kazumi gave Debbie her sword and told her the EMP was actually within her body. She asked Debbie to take the serum to protect the town, and Takara. As Debbie walked away, Led Dent returned, except fully jacked into technology again due to his wounds and needing help. He was under control of Davey Trauma and was ordered to set off a bomb to blow up the town and lower the EMP. Debbie grabbed Takara and hid him in a cellar as she injected herself with the serum to become an EMP to stop the invaders. However, the bomb went off at the same time.