Golden Half 2 (Album)

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Golden Half 2 (Album)

Golden Half 2 (ゴールデン・ハーフ2) is the second album by Golden Half. It was released on LP in 1972 and released on CD on August 27, 2008.

  • Label: Toshiba EMI
  • English Translation: We Are Golden Half
  • Catalog Number: TP-8183 (LP), TOCT-26627 (CD)


Side A

  • Taiyou no Kanata (太陽の彼方; Beyond The Sun)
  • Ame no Feeling (雨のフィーリング; The Feeling of Rain)
  • Kanashimi Koigokoro (悲しき恋心; Sorrowful Love)
  • Proud Mary (プラウド・メアリー)
  • Mammy Blue (マミー・ブルー)
  • Come Come Hawaii (カム・カム・ハワイ)

Side B

  • Chotto Matte Kudasai (チョット・マッテ・クダサイ; Please Wait A Moment)
  • Kanashimi Hatsukoi (悲しき初恋; Sorrowful First Love)
  • Hey Jude (ヘイ・ジュード)
  • Rose Garden (ローズ・ガーデン)
  • Button to Ribbon (ボタンとリボン; Buttons and Bows)
  • Mambo Bacan (マンボ・バカン)