Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 11

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Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 11

The Truth About Katana, Part 1: A Sword of the Ancient Death!

One night while out on the town Katana and Geo-Force are attacked by a group of thieves, whom they easily dispatch, little knowing that the brother of Katana's slain husband Takeo is watching. The next night Katana and Halo are attacked by Takeo in their apartment at the Wayne Foundation penthouse. Katana and Hale are easily defeated by Takeo and he escapes with Katana's sword.

Katana leaves for Japan without telling the others where she is going, however they manage to follow her there and she reveals that she has come to retrieve her sword, which contains the soul of her slain husband.

Elsewhere, Takeo has taken to the sword to Mr. Noguri, the Oyoban of a ninja group, and uses a special incantation to resurrect the souls of those killed by the sword, including Katana's husband to get revenge on Katana.

Continued in the next issue.


Cover Date

June 1984