Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 12

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Batman and the Outsiders Vol 1 12

The Truth About Katana, Part 1: A Sword of the Ancient Death!

Continued from the previous issue.

While the Outsiders are out looking for Katana's sword, they are attacked by her resurrected husband and the souls of various other warriors that were killed by her sword. Fighting an outmatched battle, the Outsiders are forced to retreat when Katana is injured and they later demand answers from Katana about her past.

She reveals that when she was growing, the brothers Maseo Yamashiro and his brother Takeo both loved and fought over her. She had chosen Maseo and the two started a family with two twin children. However the jealous Takeo acquired two soul-stealer swords from General Karnz (the man from Markovia she killed following the formation of the Outsiders) and used them to murder her husband. In the fight she got the sword with her husbands soul and in the ensuing fight a blaze started which claimed the life of her children. Escaping the fire, Katana swore to get revenge on those who were responsible for murdering her family.

The group then tracks Takeo to the Yakuza base where a battle breaks out, all the resurrected souls are defeated and returned to the sword and Takeo is killed, again by Katana's own sword. With the battle over, the Outsiders return home, where they learn that during the struggle, Batman was grazed by a poison dart with a poison with no known cure.


Cover Date

June 1984